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In honor of Summer: The Sun, Sand & Sea

Two years ago in 2010, while a niece of mine resided near the beach while attending a college semester in Brisbane, Australia (& I was unemployed in the U.S.), the surfing film “Endless Summer II” (1994) played frequently on a cable channel in the U.S.   Directed by the filmmaker, Bruce Brown, who in 1966 made the now classic movie “Endless Summer,” this sequel calls to mind and heart the aspects of sun, sand and sea that for many people epitomize the season of summer.  I watched “Endless Summer II” several times that summer into fall…

Fast forward now to present-day late August 2012 with summer again nearing its end (in the northern hemisphere anyway).  After a summer of working as a kind of regular employee, I am now working infrequently and relishing these last days before the Labor Day weekend in the U.S., this time of transition between the warm season and the subsequent cooling of Fall.

In tribute to this change that is imminent, I am linking here a song, an article and a movie recommendation to help maintain the sun, sand and sea vibe for a while longer anyway.

SONG: “The Coast” by the Courtyard Hounds

ARTICLE:  It’s about a man, David Glasheen, who is facing eviction from an uninhabited island near Australia where he’s been living since 1996.  After experiencing financial losses and a divorce in the late 1980s, Glasheen wanted a less stressful life and moved to this island that for the past 16 years he’s been able to lease.


MOVIE:  And finally a movie suggestion: “The Beach” (2000).  Based on the novel by Alex Garland and directed by filmmaker, Danny Boyle (also known for his award winning film “Slumdog Millionaire”), I saw this movie earlier this week on cable for the first time.  Its premise is very compelling in the way it speaks to the sun, sand and sea and island paradise theme.  Also, just by chance (!), while trying to decide what information to provide for background on “The Beach,” I found someone who wrote a blog review of this film very recently and here is the link to her piece: