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The Sky Swan

“The Sky Swan” — Federico Bottos, photographer



Annie Lebowitz — “Pilgrimage”

Pilgrimage -- Book of Photography by Annie LebowitzPhotographer Annie Lebowitz is known for her portrait photography — she began her career some years back working for “Rolling Stone” magazine and then subsequently “Vanity Fair,” and also, I believe, “Vogue.”  Her photos include a ton of musicians as well as a myriad of celebrities.

A few years ago I noticed that Ms. Leobwitz published a book of photographs spanning a decade of her life and these included more intimate family photos.  Now, in Pilgrimage, her most recent work, published in November 2011, she has produced a book of photos of places.  These places, in a number of instances, are the homes of notable historic persons both in the U.S. and England.  It’s quite a departure for Ms. Lebowitz.

This “pilgrimage” of searching photos of places began with her travelling to Amherst, Massachusetts for a family function, and with one of her sisters, visiting the home of Emily Dickinson.  Armed just with a digital camera, this first foray into photographing a place grew into her creating a list of places and residences that sparked an interest in her.  Most of these places were in the U.S, however England also factored into the list including the home of Virginia and Leonard Woolf and that of Sigmund Freud among others.  She does later return again to New England and Massachusetts to photograph and delve into the residences of Thoreau, Emerson and Alcott as well.

I’ve only been able to see and read excerpts so far of Pilgrimage.  Am hoping to suggest that the local library purchase this for its circulating collection.  Ms. Lebowitz is worth exploring!

Good news: Photographs from Pilgrimage are being exhibited at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., from January 20 to May 20, 2012.  Admission to this museum is free.