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What’s Been Left Out?! (television version…)

Film viewers beware! I watch movies on television (network and cable) a lot. I also do watch newer films, either on DVD (normally rented either from Redbox or the nearby public library) or via the “On Demand” service that is offered on cable.

Watching a televised version of a movie normally I’m not familiar enough with an older film to know if a scene or segment’s been edited out for TV. Not so with the movie “Thelma and Louise.” Now seeing this for the second time on television (and my third viewing overall since it was released 22 years ago now), I am disappointed that a scene from this movie is missing from the televised version.

Yes, gone, at least from the two televised versions I’ve seen now in the past 6-7 years. It’s the scene where deep into the movie Louise and Thelma are driving through the desert at night and the Marianne Faithful song “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” is playing in the background. I was so moved by this scene when I first saw this movie in 1991 that within two weeks I went out and bought the Marianne Faithful album “Broken English” where the song “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” appears. It is a song that made me want to go to Paris before I die (and finally in 2003 I was able to do this).

Ok, I realize this particular scene in “Thelma and Louise” must’ve been edited as it’s not considered pivotal to the plot. That’s a shame really as this song and scene lend poignancy to the movie, reflecting the dark turn (literally) that the lives of these two characters had taken. For anyone who remembers this song and this scene, here is the complete segment provided on YouTube by Bailey Cooper (thank you for Mr. Cooper for for posting).  Disclosure:  This blog was updated on 7/15/2017 with this Bailey Cooper rendition of this song segment: