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Part II — East Coast Tour celebrating Lincoln Highway’s 100th birthday – Photos!

On Saturday, June 22, 2013, after getting lunch in Kingston, NJ (kindly provided by the Kingston Historical Society), a number of people driving cars along Lincoln Highway from New York City to Kearney, NE drove through the capital city of Trenton, New Jersey.  Here is a glimpse of some of these cars in the first day of their 9 day cross-country drive:

The first car to appear – I wish I knew the year & make.
It was just about the oldest of the bunch (also sorry about
the sign pole cutting the car in half!)

The first red convertible…

The second red convertible ~

1970s Lincoln Continental

1918 Dodge Brothers Army Staff Touring Car

A contemporary car & there were actually several of these.  It looked as if people were free to drive whatever car they believed would be able to successfully make the cross country trip on Lincoln Highway.

It turns out there weren’t as many cars in this first leg of LH’s East Coast tour as I expected — maybe between 20-25 cars.  Since this was only the first day, my guess is that other cars would be joining the tour along the way.  The estimate of participating cars was actually 40-45 for the East Coast segment of this LH centennial drive.