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Happy belated birthday tribute to Albert Einstein…

Albert Einstein’s birthday was March 14th — he was born 134 years ago in 1879 and died in April 1955. In Summer 1976 the opera “Einstein on the Beach,” written by American composer Philip Glass, made its debut. Basically this plotless opera was conceived as a “metaphorical look at Albert Einstein: scientist, humanist, amateur musician—and the man whose theories (…) led to the splitting of the atom”, evoking nuclear holocaust in the climactic scene.

Moving ahead some 17 years to 1993, the American rock band, Counting Crows, released their song “Einstein on the Beach,” this title inspired by the Philip Glass opera “Einstein on the Beach.”

Here is the Counting Crows video of their song:

Sonnet 03: Mindful Of You The Sodden Earth In Spring


Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring,
And all the flowers that in the springtime grow,
And dusty roads, and thistles, and the slow
Rising of the round moon, all throats that sing
The summer through, and each departing wing,
And all the nests that the bared branches show,
And all winds that in any weather blow,
And all the storms that the four seasons bring.

You go no more on your exultant feet
Up paths that only mist and morning knew,
Or watch the wind, or listen to the beat
Of a bird’s wings too high in air to view,—
But you were something more than young and sweet
And fair,—and the long year remembers you.

–Edna St. Vincent Millay (American poet, Rockland, Maine,1892-1950)