Postscript to blog about “Il Postino” (the book & the film)


It turns out while trying to refresh my mind about the 1994 film “Il Postino,” I ran across a reference that said an opera based on this story was produced in 2010 (starring well known opera singer Placido Domingo).  So, it seems, the story memoir of “Il Postino” continues on!

Here is an article from the LA Times describing “Il Postino” the 2010 opera based on the movie and the book:

There is a quote in the article attributed to Neruda concerning poetry:  “Poetry is like bread; it should be shared by all.”   The same can be said for the story about the postman and the poet — it’s been shared among several genres — from novel to play to movie to opera over the span of 25 years…

***PBS features in its series “Great Performances” a video of the opera “El Postino” featuring Placido Domingo as the poet, Pablo Neruda.

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