R.I.P. Southern male writer, Harry Crews

I just found out yesterday the Southern author, Harry Crews, died last week (on Wednesday, 3/28/12).  He was 76.  I remember him from reading his novel “Body” in the early 1990s.  What I don’t recall is how I found out about him — that is, I think someone told me to read him.  At that time I was reading alternately a book written by a woman and then a book written by a man.  I was also open to reading a wide variety of authors.

Anyway I enjoyed “Body” — it was odd for sure — the story took place within the world of female bodybuilding and the lengths these people go to in order to both create and keep their physique.  Funny, I actually learned something about this realm of life from reading this novel.  It’s a small thing yet unforgettable.

I didn’t read anything else he wrote and from two obituaries online (from the LA Times and from the NY Times,) this is how I found out Mr. Crews passed away.  (also thank you, Cassie, from your blog “booksandbowelmovements.com” for posting links to both these obits about him).

I don’t know many Southern men writers, and since i’ve written here about Southern women writers and I actually read something by Mr. Crews, I wanted to blog about him.  If you’ve never read him he’s worth trying.

Here are the links to the recent write-ups about him in the LA Times and the NY Times:



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